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TAADAC is the Tennessee state affilliate of

The National Association for

Addiction Professionals

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to education, and advocacy for our members. Professional licensing is NOT required to become an associate member and we encourage peer and "lay supporters" to join in our mission of wellness across the state. 

Comprised of four Regional Chapters

across Tennessee, we serve the needs of

our members as they strive to provide

the best treatment, therapy, and support

for individuals and families struggling with substance-use disorders and other co-occurring behavioral health challenges. 

As your Association for Addiction Professionals

we Educate, Advocate, and Promote

Healthy Communities for an

Addiction-Free Tennessee

Once you join NAADAC, you automatically become a member of TAADAC and your regional affiliate

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Covid-19 Updates

Nominees for this year's TAADAC

Counselor of the Year, 

Professional of the Year


Lifetime Achievement awards.

Counselor of the Year Nominees: TBA
Professional of the Year Nominees:  TBA
Lifetime Achievement:   TBA
Submit your vote in an email addressed to both:
Heather Loveland <heatherloveland@bellsouth.net> and Terry Kinnaman <kinnaman91@att.net


*The iris, family Iridaceae, was designated the official state cultivated flower in 1973 by the 88th General Assembly. The Official State seal of Tennessee originally designed in 1801, features the plow, sheaf of wheat, and cotton stalk as symbols of Tennessee agriculture, and the riverboat represents the importance of river traffic to commerce in the state. Tennessee's official state motto was taken from the words on the state seal; "Agriculture and Commerce." The number 16 appears as a Roman numeral, signifying that Tennessee was the 16th U.S. state.