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TAADAC Board Meeting Minutes

September, 21


CALL TO ORDER – 1:47pm By Terry Kinnaman, TAADAC President IN ATTENDENCE – Terry Kinnaman, Phil Guinsburg, Ramie Siler, Mandy Colburn, Nancy Dabbs, Heather Loveland, McKinley McKnight was in attendance via conference call TREASURERS REPORT – By Phil Guinsburg  Reports approximately $3500 in treasury Motion to accept verbal report, 2nd and approved. PRESIDENTS REPORT – By Terry Kinnaman  LADAAC’s have received approval for TennCare MCO credentialing as long as they hold a masters. UHC and Amerigroup currently on board, BCBS approval pending. Must obtain individual NPI. Request your agencies complete credentialing with other individual and group numbers on your behalf.  National Conference scheduled in DC this year moved to a virtual platform.  All chapter presidents requested to review NAADAC membership lists to encourage renewals.  Groundwork started to update Title 68 to mirror Title 63 to allow LADAC’s similar professional privileges. Titles 68 and 63 will be sent out for review and future discussion.  Website structurally complete, require info from regions to update each chapter page. Report from webmaster attached. MTAADAC REPORT – By Ramie Siler  All education sessions since Jan have been canceled due to pandemic. JTC conference going well so far and are hoping to move forward with Nov holiday luncheon and education series. ETAADAC REPORT – By Mandy Colburn  Cancelled Smokey Mtn Conference.  Membership meetings being held via zoom and we continue to encourage new membership and renewals. WTAADAC REPORT – McKinley McKnight  No activity in region, Memphis hit hard by pandemic. Have had a few meetings via zoom. NEW BUSINESS  Next TAADAC executive committee conference call will be held in November. More details to follow. Same number and pin (712.432.6110 pin 844615) Meeting adjourned by Terry Kinnaman at 2:10p

TAADAC Board Meeting Minutes

November, 2020

(date & time TBD)


TAADAC Board Meeting Minutes


Januray  29

2021, 5:30pm

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