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ETAADAC Board Meeting Minutes

October, 23


ETAADAC Monthly Meeting

October 23, 2020



In person attendance: Mandy Coburn (President), Nancy Dabbs (past President), Julie Sutter (President-elect), Michelle Correll (Treasurer), Rachel Loveday (Secretary), Ashley Davison, Lori McCarter, Sherry Gwyn, Jessica Stanley, Jeremy Garner

Attendance via zoom: Tara Harris, Jerry Jordan, Hilde Phipps, David Cunningham, Cynthia Lawler, Pam Spindel, Curtis Davis

September Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes were discussed.  Rachel Loveday motioned for approval and Nancy Dabbs seconded.  All attendees voted yes.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Ashley Davidson (former Treasurer) will be turning over the books and account information to the new Treasurer, Michelle Correll.  The name on the ETAADAC account will be changed to Michelle Correll.

  • There were no bank transactions since the last meeting.

  • The bank balance is 13,987.84.

  • Appreciation was given to Ashley Davidson for her service to the committee.

  • Nancy Dabbs motioned to approve the report and Lori McCarter seconded.  All attendees voted yes.


Old Business

  • Group discussed at length the two options about hotel/facility for the ETAADAC 2021 Conference. The dates will be April 7-9, 2021.

  • Although Mainstay’s room rate (compared to Park Vista) was higher ($125 vs $112), the overall cost of the conference would prove to be much less costly.  Mainstay would charge 50% less for technical fees.  Park Vista would also have a minimum food cost.

  • Mainstay has been flexible this year with ETAADAC with rescheduling once and cancelling once due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Lori McCarter made a motion to have the conference at Mainstay, Michelle Correll seconded that motion.  All attendees voted yet. 




New Business

  • Conference supplies: members who have any supplies from the postponed conference (2020) will be emailing a list of what items they have to

  • Mandy Coburn brought up the possibility of holding quarterly trainings during the ETAADAC meeting for attendees to gain CEs.  There would be a small fee and persons would pay before receive their certification of attendance.

  • A holiday party for the December ETAADAC meeting was brought up by Nancy Dabbs.  Concerns of COVID precautions were brought up and the possibility of having prepacked food or food boxes was discussed. To be discussed again at November meeting.

  • The new TAADAC website is up.  It can be found at

    • The website has (or will be having) a list of trained QCS persons for those looking for supervisors.

  • Lori McCarter made a motion to end the meeting and Michelle Correll seconded that motion.  All attendees voted yes.


Next Meeting is November 13th, 2020 at ETHRA

ETAADAC Board Meeting Minutes

December 11


ETAADAC December Minutes

Attendance via Zoom: Mandy Colburn (President), Michelle Correll (Treasurer), Rachel Loveday
(Secretary), Nancy Dabbs (past President), Julie Sutter (President Elect), Philip Donley, Curtis
Davis, Emory Young II, Lori McCarter, Gene Rutkauskas, Elizabeth Andrews, Jessica Saunders,
Sherry Gwyn, Dana Lawler, LaDonna Booker, Jessica Stanley, Carissa Armes, Jessica Stanley
Secretary’s Report: Lori McCarter made a motion to accept. Gene Rutkauskas seconded the
motion. All attendees voted in favor.
Treasurer’s Report:
Beginning: $13,987.84
Expenditures: Envelopes/stamps $14.28

Refund $100 for 2020 ETAADAC Conference: Elizabeth Andrews.

Ending: $13,873.56
Rachel Loveday motioned to accept report. Sherry Gwyn seconded motion. All attendees voted
in favor.

Old Business

RC/IC: Curtis and Elizabeth Andrews requested additional information. Secretary sent after
meeting. LADACs have until April 30 th to apply. Attendees reviewed benefits including being
able to practice in additional states and being covered by more private insurance.
Conference Committee: Everyone from the committee agreed to participate again this year
(minus Amy Everett). Current officers will now also be included. Conference committee
meeting to follow today’s meeting.
Appreciation Gesture: Lori McCarter excused herself from the discussion. Everyone was in
agreement that Lori McCarter has been a vital part of the maintenance and growth of
ETAADAC. After much discussion, it was agreed that this gesture was premature given that Lori
McCarter is still heavily involved in ETAADAC and will likely continue to be. Sherry Gwyn agreed
to bring this possibility up in the future. Gene Rutkauskas also mentioned the possibility of
using monies to sponsor new counselors. Currently ETAADAC does sponsor one male and one
female beginning counselor. Clarification was also made that when the proposal does return
that it be time limited and that Lori McCarter (or other persons who receive this award) will not
be required to be a part of the conference planning.

New Business

Current Scope of LADACs: Mandy Colburn attended recent TAADAC meeting where the ability
of LADACs to diagnose was discussed. According to the current wording, we aren’t able to give
SUD diagnoses. Emory Young had questions regarding SAP licensure and the ability to diagnosis.
Philip Donley clarified that SAP counselors can diagnose. Phillip Donley
suggested/recommended that we all attend the next TAADAC board meeting via Zoom on
January 15 th to express our concerns. There was some concern that this avenue wouldn’t allow
for interaction and for those attending via Zoom to voice their concerns.
Continuing Education: Nancy Dabbs stated that we can use virtual trainings for recertification.
However, counselors seeking certification must attend training face to face. The group
discussed barriers throughout the system for those seeking licensure.
Michelle Cornell motioned to adjourn the meeting and Lori McCarter seconded this motion. All
attendees voted in favor.

Next Meeting January 22, 2021

ETAADAC Board Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2021

Next Mtg

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